Ancient Art

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Media File "Phi" Figurine1400–1200 BC Mycenaean 117:1951
Amphora with Herakles and Apollo530–510 BC Greek, Attic 39:1921
Amphora with Nike and Youth490–460 BC Greek, Attic 57:1955
Publications Bearded Bull's Head2600–2450 BC Sumerian 260:1951
RIP Image. Bottle1st century Roman 14:2015
Bottle in the Form of a Bunch of Grapes3rd century Eastern Mediterranean 420:1919
Publications Bowl5th–6th century Persian 1:2005
Bracelet4th century Roman 54:1924
Broad-bottomed Jug (Oinochoe) with Animal Frieze590–570 BC Corinthian 5:1927a,b
Bust of an Unknown Man2nd century Roman 299:1923