Ancient Art

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Sorted AscendingTitleDate Artist Object Number
"Phi" Figurine1400–1200 BC Mycenaean 117:1951
AE with Head of Zeus Ammon221–204 BC Egyptian 219:1991
Amphora with Herakles and Apollo530–510 BC Greek, Attic 39:1921
Amphora with Nike and Youth490–460 BC Greek, Attic 57:1955
Ankh-pa-khered with Osiris664–610 BC Egyptian 222:1924
Apis Bull664–332 BC Egyptian 210:1954
As (aes grave) with Head of Janus225–217 BC Roman 321:1991
Aureus with Bust of Victoryc.45 BC Roman 269:1991
Beaker2055–1650 BC Egyptian 142:1921
Publications Bearded Bull's Head2600–2450 BC Sumerian 260:1951