African Art

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Publications Anti-Sorcerer's Mask and Costumeearly 20th century Oku 56:2006a,b
Publications Axec.1850 Songye 31:1966
Beaded Crown (adenla)19th century Yoruba 52:2009
Publications Bed Tent (Kereka)second half 20th century Fulani 88:1994
RIP Image. Beer Vesselearly–mid- 20th century Bamana 240:2014
Bird Mask (ge gon)20th century Dan 207:1987
Birthing Couplec.1200 Inland Niger Delta 1668:1983
Blanket1960s Fulani 211:1998
RIP image. Blanket (khassa lanndaaka)mid- to late 20th century Fulani 1149:2010
RIP image. Blanket (khassa mbuunawa)early 1980s Fulani 1147:2010