European Art

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Sorted AscendingTitleDate Artist Object Number
Publications A Harbor in Moonlight1787 Joseph Vernet 37:2006
Publications A Political Cobbler1873 Orfeo Orfei 145:1977
A Seamstress1892 Edouard Vuillard 78:1975
Publications Abraham and the Three Angels1660–69 Giovanni Andrea de' Ferrari 45:1939
Abram Being Presented with Bread and Wine by Melchizedekc.1580 Pierre Courteys 220:1986
Acrobat on the Trapeze1940 Max Beckmann 852:1983
Acrobats1937-39 Max Beckmann 851:1983a-c
Publications Admiral Gaspard II de Coligny1565–70 François Clouet 168:1925
Publications Adoration of the Magic.1505 Hugo van der Goes 93:1926
Publications Alexander Giving Money to the Priests of Ammonlate 16th century Jean Pénicaud III 221:1923