© William E. Jones
Title: "Killed"
Date: 2009
Artist: William E. Jones
American, born 1962
Medium: sequence of black and white digital files, silent
Edition: edition of 4
1 min. 44 sec., looped
Credit Line: Funds given by Gary C. Werths, the Contemporary Art Society, and Director's Discretionary Fund
Object Number: 33:2013
Current Location: Not On View
Signed: n/a
- 2013
David Kordansky Gallery

2013 -
Saint Louis Art Museum, purchased from the David Kordansky Gallery [1]

[1] Invoice dated November 25, 2013 from the David Kordansky Gallery [SLAM document files]. Minutes of the Collections Committee of the Board of Trustees, Saint Louis Art Museum, December 4, 2013.
Exhibition History
Title: Nothing is forgotten, some things considered
Venue: Unge Kunstneres Samfund
Title: Making History
Venue: Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt
Title: Exposed on Film
Venue: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Title: American Exuberance
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Venue: Jewish Museum of Belgium
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Title: 101 Collection: Route 2 Undisclosed Destination
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Title: William E. Jones Presents...
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Venue: ar/ge Kunst Galerie Museum
Title: "Killed," The Box
Venue: Wexner Center for the Arts
Title: After Image: the photographic process(ed)
Venue: Cerritos College Art Gallery
Title: Attachments & Assignations
Venue: Cubitt Gallery
Title: Killed and Resurrected
Venue: Austrian Film Museum
Title: Modern Monday: An Evening with William E. Jones
Venue: Museum of Modern Art, New York
Title: Beg, Borrow and Steal
Venue: Rubell Family Collection
Venue: Palm Springs Art Museum
Title: Matthew Brannon, Marcel Broodthaers, James Lee Byars, William E. Jones
Venue: David Kordansky Gallery
Title: Nachleben
Venue: Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building
Title: Film Matters
Venue: Beton7 Centre for the Arts
Title: The Image in Question: War - Media - Art
Venue: Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Title: William E. Jones: "Killed"
Date: February 08, 2013 - April 28, 2013
Venue: Saint Louis Art Museum
Title: Antiphotojournalism
Venue: La Virreina Centre de la Imatge
Title: The Spectacular of Vernacular
Venue: The Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Venue: Walker Art Center
Title: Serious Games: War - Media - Art
Venue: Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt
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