Title: Arrow
Date: mid-20th century
Cultural Region: probably Highlands region
Medium: sword grass stem, hardwood, fiber, and paint
49 11/16 in. (126.2 cm)
Credit Line: Gift of General L. J. Sverdrup
Object Number: 80:1952
Place of origin: Papua New Guinea
Current Location: On View, Gallery 109
This arrow is one type that could be found in the central Highlands region of New Guinea in the 1940s. Barbed arrows were probably used for hunting birds and lizards.

Arrows were not only used as weapons in the Highlands, but were also traded, given as gifts, or even presented as peace offerings. Certain arrow styles moved in and out of fashion, depending on the area. Battles between hostile groups included an exchange of arrows, resulting in an exchange of arrow designs.
- 1952
General Leif J. Sverdrup (1898-1976), St. Louis, MO, USA

1952 -
Saint Louis Art Museum, given by General Leif J. Sverdrup [1]

[1] A letter dated March 12, 1952 from Perry T. Rathbone, director of the Cirty Art Museum, to General L. J. Sverdrup acknowledges the gift of this object as part of a larger donation [Director's Office, Donor's Files, Archives, Saint Louis Art Museum]. Minutes of the Administrative Board of Control of the City Art Museum, March 6, 1952.
Exhibition History
Title: Ritual Arts of the South Seas: The Morton D. May Collection
Date: August 22 – October 19, 1975
Venue: Saint Louis Art Museum
Publication History
Title: Ritual Arts of the South Seas: The Morton D. May Collection
Year Published: 1975
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